1. Find more time for yourself and your relationships

  2. Have peace of mind and control of your schedule

  3. Discover more opportunities to grow your business, rather than work in it

A list of attention-grabbing points

  • You wish you didn’t have to do everything yourself

  • You don’t even remember the last time you took a real day off

  • You wish you could make more money, but you don’t know how to scale

  • You didn’t start a business to have to urgently fix problems all the time

  • You wonder if it’s even possible to have a personal life and a business

  • You wish your employees would stop making mistakes and actually remember their training

  • You wish you could find the time to actually do the stuff that made you want to start this business in the first place

Yes, you can be an entrepreneur and still have…

  1. Time for yourself and your relationships

  2. Peace of mind and control of your schedule

  3. Opportunities to grow your business, rather than work in it

Does this sound familiar?

  • You started your own business to have more control over your life, but now you're busier and more stressed than ever

  • You’re spending most of your time doing small, time-consuming tasks and not enough time doing the really important stuff

  • You're starting to miss being able to clock out for the day. Maybe a 9 to 5 isn’t so terrible…

  • You're constantly worried things will fall apart without you

  • You’re starting to wonder if a “competent employee” is just some mythical creature business blogs write about

  • You have no idea how you’re going to make more money without cloning yourself first… seriously. You’ve already started looking into some things.

You’ve tried…

  • hiring new employees, but none of them seem to be able to handle things without you

  • doing everything yourself, but there's just not enough time in the day

  • following the advice of an expert, but now you have even less time, less money, and the same problems

  • putting more hours in, but now you're so burnt out you’re ready to buy a one-way ticket to a small island off the coast of Vietnam with no internet and an ocean breeze… palm trees gently swaying in the air almost, seemingly without any cares. You’ll live a simple life, sleeping and rising with the sun everyday. You’ll learn to fish and join the locals as they go about their lives, raising their families. It’ll be hard, but you’ll relish the challenge as your previous life as an entrepreneur becomes a faded, distant memory…

Here’s where I come in

  1. I’ll learn about the way your business runs, how your employees work (and how you’d like them to), and what your goals are

  2. I’ll find opportunities for you to save time and money by building efficient standard operating procedures (SOPs) and systems

  3. I’ll create courses, manuals, and resources for you and your employees, and find the right software to make it all happen

  4. I’ll train you and your employees on how to do, use, and explain everything (so you can adapt your systems as your business grows)

  5. I’ll leave you with money you didn’t know you were making, time you didn’t know you had, and a business you’ll want to brag about (but don’t because you’re better that).


Here are some answers to your excuses

  • I don't have the money
    What I can do for you is help you reduce steps, mistakes, and missed opportunities in your business. I’m essentially helping you find money you didn’t realize you were making. An efficient business makes more money and scales better.

    If you’re still unsure about the investment, but are willing to put in more time than money, schedule a call with me to talk through coaching options. I can offer guidance and advice, and collaborate with you to move your business forward. I help navigate. You drive.

  • I don't have the time
    As an entrepreneur, you either have to put in your time or your money (but usually both). Not having enough time is one of the most common struggles. You wear all the hats and often end up doing everything yourself anyway. Whether you want to have more time for vacations or to expand the business, schedule a call with me today to hear how I can help you achieve it.

  • I can’t standardize what my business does. Things change so often.
    I’m almost certain there are more opportunities for procedures in your business than you realize. But listen. I'm not here to set myself up for failure either. Let's get on a call to see if we're the right fit for each other. Heck, maybe a pair of fresh eyes will find something new.

  • No one will read boring manuals and SOPs
    And they don’t have to. Your operating procedures and systems should be taught in the best way for your employees to actually learn. I’ll find the best fit for your company and give you resources and a training program tailored to your needs.

  • I can’t make a decision right now
    You’ll find it easier to make a decision once we talk about your business specifically. Schedule a call with me even though you’re being weirdly resistant right now. I don’t get why… I thought we were friends.

The call is free. Besides, I hear I’m pretty fun to talk to.