Chaos in your Operations?

If you're constantly fighting fires and fixing issues, you're stuck in a blackhole. You don't have time to work on your business and, when you do, it's two steps forward and three back.

Chaotic Operations Don't Have to Exist! - Wolfmother Consulting

We're not selling you some magic beans & bullshit - you'll get Lean methodology, human psychology, and a pack mentality that gets your operations (and the people in it) running efficiently & effectively.

With us, you'll get:

  • Your people, processes, & systems analyzed
  • Waste, bottlenecks, & opportunities identified
  • Lean principles taught & implemented
  • Realistic & fluid project management
  • Human-centered coaching that works
  • Employees that take charge & stick around
  • A well-oiled machine that can run without you
  • Time to work on your business (not just in it)

Howl at us

Landscapers by Nature - Michelle Ennis

"She took the information in our heads and turned it into a logical process, including a well-thought out plan to execute the project and how to make it repeatable for any other service."

Wolfmother helped our company build out and implement an end-to-end process for selling and producing add-on services for our customers.

Working with Mojan was a joy for many reasons as she is extremely smart, friendly, focused, and really cares about the company and project she is working on. I would highly recommend Wolfmother Consulting to anyone struggling to formalize their business processes and take their company to the next level.

Michelle Ennis

Stop Chasing Your Tail

Problems in Operations multiply like fleas.

Without addressing the root cause, you're wasting money/time/effort fighting symptoms.

You wouldn't remove each & every individual flea with tweezers.

Why are you doing that in your business?

People Problems

  • can't find "good help" these days

  • feel like you're hiring every week (and firing just as often)

  • can't take any time off or time away without a crisis

  • always fixing avoidable mistakes

  • train but it doesn't seem like anyone actually learns

  • trying to pay more to find great staff that sticks around (but it doesn't work)

  • obligated to micromanage just so things don't fall apart

Process Problems

  • terrified your long-standing employees will leave & take their knowledge with them

  • stressed about replacing key staff

  • there's little to no standardization in how things are done

  • tried making SOPs and manuals but no one ever uses them

  • can't seem to get anyone to follow your way of doing things

  • customers aren't getting consistent quality

System Problems

  • can't find what you need when you need

  • have a million meetings in a week and, still, nothing seems to get done right

  • often finding things half done or forgotten

  • projects and big initiatives die on the vine

  • new software seems to be more frustrating than helpful

  • departments don't ever seem to know what the others are doing

  • seem to be doing a lot of things that have little to do with what customers are buying

Book your Operations Audit

We'll ask you some questions to uncover some root causes for the chaos in your Operations.

With this Operations Audit, you should expect:

  • An hour and a half discussion
  • Thought-provoking questions
  • The most painless audit experience of your life

Walkthrough your Audit Report

We'll talk through your Audit Report on a call and give you some advice on tackling your biggest operational issues.

With the Audit Report, you will see:

  • Where waste, bottlenecks, & opportunities are hiding
  • What's costing you too much time, money, & effort
  • Guidance on where to start Leaning out

Get your Well-Oiled Machine

We prefer minced meat over minced words: If you hire us, we'll make sure your machine runs smoothly.

With Wolfmother, you could finally have:

  • A well-oiled machine - when you have your people, processes, and systems focused on the value you provide to your customers, things just work. Everyone and everything is aligned on that singular goal - no extra steps, no wasted effort, and no misallocated efforts.
  • Interruption-free time away - when your operations is a well-oiled machine, you can take time away without the world falling apart. Great leaders need time away to work on the business and on themselves. How can your business grow if you're running yourself ragged putting out avoidable fires
  • A team you're proud of - when your employees aren't drowning in overburden, pointless tasks, and team tension, they don't want to go back to working that way. I'll teach them to do what I do so they keep your machine oiled even when it's 10x bigger.

Join the Pack

Join the Pack

If you 3x-ed your customers overnight...

would everything break?

If the thought got you sweating, your Operations aren't ready to scale the way you want them to.

Lean is a nose-to-tail methodology that helps businesses scale. The core tenets can be applied to every industry, every business, and every person. We even use it in our homes.

Take a look at these four pillars of a Lean company. If they resonate with you, let's howl.

We could help you get the kind of Operations that sets you free.


Eliminate Waste

Waste comes in many forms, such as: variation in how you do things, overburdening your people /equipment /systems, & processes that result in errors. Lean is clean.


Always Improve

Challenge the status quo & never wait for a "perfect" plan to start. Continuously improving every process, person, & system can start anytime and at any stage.


Focus on Value

Your customers look for value from your business. If your Operations aren't steadfastly focused on your customer's value stream, you're missing the point.


Focus on People

People run your business. When you respect them & coach them with a human-centered approach, they'll grow with you and stick around longer.

Grime Fighters Service Group - Vadim Pokotilo

"Before Wolfmother, we never really knew if every worker had fully learned all the skills required for the services we offer."

Now, employees feel more confident doing their work especially for the first time.

Vadim Pokotilo

Landscapers by Nature - Brandon Comstock

"In our industry, our biggest challenges are turnover and training staff effectively for each season."

Wolfmother's work is methodical and well thought out. They have great ability to plan and communicate with your team to get your program built.

  • Brandon Comstock

Our Programs

Easy SOP

Streamlined Process Customization

  • Develop clear, concise SOPs and training for equipment maintenance, ensuring consistent performance and safety.

  • Create onboarding procedures for new hires, streamlining integration into the team and company culture.

  • Standardize customer service protocols to deliver exceptional, consistent service experiences.

Empower your team with custom, easy-to-implement SOPs and training that enhance efficiency and drive business success. Transform your operations to achieve operational excellence without complexity.

Digital Leap

Seamless Digital Transformation

  • Automate receipt collection from employees, streamlining expense reporting and reimbursement processes.

  • Utilize a drag-and-drop builder to create a custom company app, making key forms and information accessible to all employees.

  • Implement site audit forms with picture uploads, enhancing the accuracy and detail of site inspections.

Revolutionize your data collection with digital forms that offer accuracy, accessibility, and efficiency. Embrace a paperless environment, reducing errors and saving time, leading to smarter, faster business decisions.


Bespoke Business Innovation

  • Design bespoke training programs for trade skills, enhancing employee expertise and service quality.

  • Develop custom branding kits, aligning marketing materials with company identity for a cohesive brand experience.

  • Implement project management solutions tailored to the unique workflows of trades businesses, improving project efficiency and client satisfaction.

Unlock the full potential of your business with solutions specifically designed to meet your challenges. Experience growth, improved processes, and a stronger brand presence tailored to propel your business forward.

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